Friday 3 March 2017

Extension Progress - Scaffold Down!

The house feels naked! 
The scaffold is finally down! 
Although it's a step that doesn't really move the house on or prevent work inside, I was still really excited when the scaffolders turned up this morning. 

When I left to go to play group this morning, with my youngest two, the scaffold was wrapping round the extension and some of the house, when I came back it was nude! 

It's always a real shock when the scaffold is down, it really changes how it looks.  I'm pleased with how the extension sits with the house and how it makes the overall place look, especially with the porch on the front as well. 

Now I've just got to push on inside, when (or if ) it dries up I want to get the last of the footings in for the retaining wall for the patio, then we can get outside sorted as well, I don't want another year where we struggle to eat easily outside!

What do you think?


  1. I think it looks great, if it wasn't for the colour of the tiles, I wouldn't be able to tell it's an extention from the photos, it blends in so well.

  2. That's a crapload of hard work there Kev, you done good.

  3. It's coming along well, we are all hoping for a dry summer.

  4. !!!!!!!!IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  5. All undressed and looking great :-)

  6. The house looks amazing, you must be very pleased!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm really pleased with how it looks! Tidied up outside yesterday so I can now get round it without breaking my leg!


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