Tuesday 28 March 2017

Piggy Rolls

My daughter was so pleased with her packed lunch today and so were her teachers at nursery, they both asked for a piggy roll as well! 

I got shown how to make this shaped bread on the bread course and I knew straight away that my daughters would love it (the boy is still too young but will happily shove it in his face). They didn't all turn out perfect, some were painfully disfigured uttering the words "eat me..." as they came out the oven but the rest look like a pig so I'll take that as a win! 

What other shaped rolls could I make for my children (and me!). 

Do you mess around with the shape you make your bread?


  1. Love the little piggies. I used to do hedgehog shapes, never thought of doing piggies.

  2. Oh ! These are so CUTE ! Pigs are my favourite animals so will definitely make these, such a great idea !

  3. I'm another one that has made hedgehog shaped rolls, you just snip at the dough with scissors to make the spines .... that's about as technical as I ever got :-)

  4. these are adorable kev! look on pinterest! they show tons of different rolls. there are some really cute bunny ones for easter too!

  5. I just literally said "ahhh!" They're adorable. What fun. I had totally forgotten about this but my mom used to make little bread bunnies with my sister and I. And bears maybe? Thanks for the memory.

  6. Lol...gosh Kev you just made my day. I laughed, those are so cute. I don't play with my bread usually, but I've been known to make bunny pancakes with a whipped cream tail on Easter :)


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