Sunday 10 December 2017

Snow Day!

None of the kids have had a good amount of snow that they can remember! 
Once I'd check and fed the animals we all had a bit of time outside to have a play, before they all got cold and wet! 
Everything is drying by the fire now! 

Chickens seem fine in their coop less pens! 

Untouched fields

Give the lambs some hay

Ready to fire snowballs at me!

Snow man

10 seconds later - the boy decided he didn't want him standing!


  1. It all looks lovely but I really don't like it.

  2. Yeah, i'm with you on that one! Just makes everything harder! Poor kids miss their panto tomorrow, they were meant to be be going with the school but no way that's happening!

  3. That will make some good memories for the kids!

  4. Brilliant photos.

    It's amazing how much heat chickens give off isn't it. I love seeing the underneath of the henhouse all frost free, with the little wild birds sheltering there, and opening the door in the mornings to a little whoosh of warmth from many feathered bodies.


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