Monday 4 December 2017

The Ultimate Flapjack Recipe

I've gone a bit oats mad at the moment.
After my microwave porridge post the other day, Spade and Dagger mentioned how they'd been spoilt by using Pim Hill Farm organic oats, and how they tasted way better than what you can normally buy.  
I had a conversation with the lovely people at Pim Hill Farm about trying some of their products. Looking at their website I already loved their ethos and how they grew their product, we don't exclusively buy organic, but we do try to when we can. 
I was stupidly excited when the box turned up, not many people get that excited about oats I can tell you!
Well the kids did, but the box didn't last long! 
First thing to try was the porridge oats. I was almost a little worried, would they be any better?
Well happily I can report that they they take porridge to another level! Much smoother, creamier and somehow they taste more "oaty".

Trouble is I think it might have spoilt the children and no other oats will compare now, gone are the days of budget oats! They sell big 5kg bags for £15.75 on their site which still works out at only 15p a portion (adult). I love buying big bags in bulk anyway, so it suits me!

I was a little unsure what to do with the jumbo oats, then I thought flapjack.
But then I looked in the cupboard and saw that we'd got no golden syrup left, I guess with how much porridge we've been eating lately I shouldn't have been surprised!
Looking to the pantry I saw some condensed milk on the shelf. I remembered that mum used to make awesome flapjack using it. I grabbed the family cookbook and had a look through, she used to make huge batches of this when she had a tea room on the farm.

The Ultimate Flapjack Recipe

Now I know Ultimate is a bold claim but this stuff is simply amazing. 
I even had to ask mum if she minded me giving away this recipe! Mum and friend had a competition to see who could come up with the best recipe, mum lost but we gained her friends recipe so we didn't care! 

The recipe is dead simple:

12oz of jumbo oats
8oz of butter
4oz of soft brown sugar
4 tlbsp condensed milk
4 oz of raisins or chopped dried apricots
Packed down ready to go in the oven
Heat the oven to 160 degrees C, mix the sugar, oats and raisins together. Then add in melted butter and condensed milk and mix. Put in a tray lined with parchment paper then bake for 25 - 30 minutes until done.

For an amazing variation put one layer of flapjack in the tray, cover with cherry pie filling then add another layer of flapjack on top!

It was so good I had to make it twice - once I'd made one batch I saw half a tin of condensed milk left in the fridge looking all lonely, so I made as second batch the very next day. By the weekend ti was all gone! 

What's your favorite flapjack recipe?

*Pim Hill farm did give me the oats to create this post, but all the views and opinions are my own. 


  1. We make a lot of flapjack (if our family is asked to make something, people expect flapjack! The children raise money- for Guide and Scout trips and for charity- by selling flapjack.
    I've never heard of condensed milk in a flapjack, I use the recipe my friend gave me from her Winnie the Pooh children's cookbook years ago :-) It's still the best I've found.
    I made mincemeat flapjack the other day and that was nice for a change but our favourite variation is chopped dried apricot and grated fresh ginger.

    1. This really works with the condensed milk, you should give it a go! I always struggled tl get it to stick together with other recipes.
      I like the idea of dried apricot and ginger, mum used to put apricot in it for the tea room. It always sold really well, the cherry pie filling is amazing in it as well! I love ginger so that would work for me. How much do you add in, I should imagine it's easy to add too much!

  2. So pleased you tried & enjoyed the oats, and glad to see Pim Hill Farm mentioned here.
    The jumbo oats also make good, slightly 'firmer' porridge, they just need longer cooking until they go creamy too. They are also my oats of choice for textured crumble toppings.
    Nigella Lawson also uses condensed milk in her oat 'breakfast bar' along with seeds & fruits.

    1. Yeah, I like the jumbo ones, they give the flapjack some bite which I really like. Thanks for recommending pim hill farm, loving their products!

    2. I've never seen anything life this before. It looks like a big piece of granola but I can see its not hard or loose. It really looks like a dessert (or pudding to you ). Kinda like an fruit crisp with the fruit mixed in instead of on the bottom.

    3. That's mad! Flapjack is such a common thing to bake here and everyone always has their recipe. Let me know if you try it!

  3. They sound good enough to try. My Blog book was created through Blurb, they are a good easy site to use, last year I did 151 post, which went into 160 pages, better quality paper and silk finish, cost me £40 using their Black Friday discount. I always wait to November for the best discount before publishing. The book takes less than a week to arrive. If you want more information check my book tag on the right side of my blog, I have a couple of post showing the layouts on the blurb site.

  4. Oats are one of nature's miracle foods. When I was a student we used to buy sacks of wholemeal flour from Pim Hill, which we converted into very basic unleavened bread.

    1. I'm surprised more students don't make their own bread and things these days, it's so much cheaper!

  5. Hiya, read your blog a lot but I never comment. It's interesting you call this recipe flapjack. Over here (across the pod) in Cleveland, Ohio USA a flapjack is a pancake with maple syrup. But this recipe looks simply delicious and I'm going to give it a try.

    1. I'm interested now, what do you guys call this then? I know that you call porridge oatmeal, or at least I think you do. Let me know how you get on with the recipe.

  6. I just grate it in (don’t bother peeling) and check every so often until it’s as gingery as I like it �� Very scientific!
    If you’re ever without condensed milk, I use 250g each of butter and soft dark brown sugar, melted with 4 tbsp golden syrup. I let them bubble together for a minute or two then remove from the heat and add 500g oats. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes. Really good!

    1. Sounds good! I love that kind of testing, where I get to eat lots of the mixture just to check if it's right!

  7. I replied but accidently put it under Spade and dagger.


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