Friday 3 August 2018

Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend my parents had their 40th wedding anniversary!

I'm sure you'll all agree that is an incredible milestone for them to reach. To celebrate they invited us away for the weekend to Wales, along with my brother, his wife and baby and my sister with her partner.

This is what glee looks like! 
It was an amazing weekend where I think I pretty much ate my own body weight in amazing food! The first night had to be fish and chips by the sea!

Watching dolphins!
We also managed to see dolphins from the quay, something we hadn't yet managed to do properly! No pictures though as they would jump when I wasn't ready! My youngest daughter was transfixed by them and so was I!

We spent as much time on the beach as possible as well and luckily the weather held out when we did.
My sister and her partner had an inflatable canoe which they tried out for the first time. But if they thought they could get out to sea without my boy jumping on first they were very much mistaken. The second it went on the water he was in it and nothing would get him out!

My brother swam out with them and acted as life guard as we didn't have a life jacket for him!

We only managed to get him in with the promise of an ice cream, but as soon as we said it he tried to stand up and jump straight in to get the ice cream quicker! It was so funny!

We also had a great night of playing board games. Something we should do much more of, it was so much fun you almost forget how enjoyable they are. We learnt some new games as well, we'll certainly be playing One Night Ultimate Werewolf again!

Three generations.

We had lots of rain on the Sunday but it didn't dampen our spirits! Although we all got soaked a few times!

It was a wonderful weekend spent with family and I know mum and dad loved it, a great way for them to spend their anniversary. Mum had been planning it for a year now so it was so good that it went so well and we all enjoyed ourselves. We had some amazing meals out that they treated us to and lots of time just to sit and talk or watch films, such a lovely weekend.


  1. What A great way to celebrate their Anniversary! Being with family is the BEST.

  2. Great memories created for the whole family to remember and talk about for many years to come.

  3. What .a fabulous way to celebrate and so good that you could all get together to add to the celebration

  4. No better place to celebrate together as a family :-)

  5. What a lovely idea and a brilliant way to celebrate.
    ( made me a bit sad though - our 40th would have been next year)

  6. Family time together is the best, and being away from home stopped anyone having to do anything other than have fun.

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Fantastic photos. All the very best to your parents, 40 years is amazing ... and what a lovely family they had ♥️

  8. what a great way to celebrate. you all look wonderful kev!

  9. What a wonderful anniversary!

  10. Fabulous weekend Kev, glad you all had such a nice time, the kids will remember it forever!

  11. Congratulations to your family! Driving though our town last week there was a sign in front of a house congratulating a local couple on their 75th anniversary - I can't even imagine.


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