Tuesday 25 September 2018

Walking For Pleasure

### This is collaborative post ###

This year I've been putting extra effort into looking after myself. 

My new mens ski Jacket ready for winter walking on the hills

I'm only 35 but already I can start to feel aches and pains more. There have also been a couple of instances that have really slowed me up and made me think.

One of those was earlier in the year when I was lambing a ewe in the shed. It was about four in the morning when I started and after a couple of hours I managed to pull two lambs out (one alive and one dead). It took me about two hours in total, lay on the floor in the wet. When I got up I knew straight away I'd done my back in again. I could barely walk.

It was the Easter bank holiday but luckily I managed to get hold of my chiropractor, where I was in so much pain that I told him if he could sort me out I'd marry him. It was another three weeks and many visits later until I was right again and it made everything very hard. For the first few days my wife even had to put my socks on!

Determined not to let this happen again I asked what was the best thing I could do to strengthen my back. And although he said my back is already quite strong with just a weak spot, he recommended I try to do a lot more walking.

Blowy Autumn walks to school
So I really took this to heart and I've been trying to walk a lot more. We try to walk the mile to and from school as many times a week as we can. It's tricky as if its wet the one field we walk across is impassable but the rest of the time I much prefer it to driving as the children really open up and chat which is lovely.

I've also been trying to get up the hills a lot more to do some walking. I normally go with a friend and love getting up there and learning my local area. The Malverns are simply stunning so it's great area to live if you like walking.

I have been getting ready for winter though and I'm in love with the new mens ski jacket that Simply Hike sent me to try out. It's going to be perfect for winter walks whatever the conditions - no excuse when it snows either! I'm terrible for keeping clothes too long and my old coat is falling apart so it's great to be ready for winter already.

It's also a brand I've always liked, Quiksliver, as their products always seem to be built to take the kind of abuse I give. My Quiksliver glasses lasted 12 years until my daughter handed them me in two pieces, straight faced, as she said "I didn't sit on them and break them daddy." Great...

The weather can really differ up on the hills to what we experience in the valley below. Even last Wednesday it was nearly blowing us off our feet and we were both laughing as we tried to take some photos without leaning too much! Also if we have a winter like we did last year it's far better to your winter wardrobe sorted now rather than trying to get it when the weather turns.

I'm feeling great from all the walking and I can really feel a difference. I normally clock anywhere from 12,000 step to 20,000 depending on what I'm doing that day. I should imagine it was pretty high before hand with all the chores and other jobs I do each day, but walking for enjoyment is somehow different. It lets me clear my head, think about things and really enjoy where I live, normally everything I do has to have a practical reason and it's nice to have something that doesn't - other than my own well being.

Who else walks for enjoyment rather than for just practical reasons?

What do you like to wear for cold weather walks?

#### Simple Hike sent me the jacket free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I like to walk most days, not as far as you, just being outside is good for you.

    1. I don't get to do it every day but I'm trying more and more . the ought of getting a dog keeps going over my mind as I think it would make me walk a lot more!

  2. We walk with friends once a week for pleasure, usually 4 miles as being far older than you, we ache too much the next day if we walk too far. It can be anywhere, woodland, seaside, along roads etc.

    1. Not sure how far we travel on the hills on one of our walks. This mornings walk was glorious! Sun shining but the air was still crisp! Really invigorating!

  3. I walk most days for my health and my weight and wear a lovely thick down Marmot jacket. I have Raynaud's syndrome and a host of other auto immune conditions, including arthritis both types which when I have the flares is severe and this jacket has kept me snug and warm through all types of weather. The walking helps with my back as well (disc out of alignment). I enjoy walking and it also helps me think over things and organise my jumbled thoughts. My father walked us from very young children in all kinds of weather just talking generally as you do with your children about their day but also turning the walks into nature lessons or discussion points. It is something that I have always done and it gives a sense of peace as well as getting regular movement and keeping things moving. It also helps with my weight control which is a bonus. But I love walking.

    1. Sounds very much like I do with the children. We look at different plants and if we don't know what something is we take a leaf or two home and try and look it up. They really talk lots on these little walks and it's great for them. Before the summer holidays the girls could pretty much run it if it wasn't for the boy (2) slowing them down. I like a walk to clear my head. Really helps sometimes.

  4. I walk between 3-6 miles a day. It's such a beneficial exercise. Getting slightly out Of breath is the key for some of your walk.

  5. Pre-children I used to love long walks. You notice so many things on foot that you don't see from a car (neighbors with beehives - yay, neighbors with 4 unleashed mastiffs, not so much). I downloaded an app to track my route and waked 4 miles on sunday - all downhill and having been paying for it ever since. But it's good time to clear my head, not really "fitness" as I spend too much time stopping to poke at things (mushrooms, rocks, whatever). Good to you for starting.

  6. This is one reason why I have a dog; it forces you out on long walks at least a couple of times each day. At this time of year we swim a lot too. Plenty of exercise is essential.

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  8. 3 miles every morning, a third of it along shingle beach, so a good workout! And I'm old enough to be your mother....

    1. Sounds like a good walk! I never miss the sea or crave it but do love it when we go!

  9. I get up a 4:00 am 5 days a week and exercise in the house to a video for an hour. I can't go out in hot weather as it sets off my asthma. I can't wait for fall and winter as I do enjoy walking in the different metro parks. I walk for the beautiful surroundings after being cooped up all summer. And its added exercise. By the way, lovely pictures. Keep up with your health, it gets harder to stay in shape the older you get. Believe me I know...I'm sixty two and the walking and exercise really does help.

    1. Wow, that's too early for me but fair play to you, that's some real commitment to keeping yourself fit and healthy. I think I'd have to move to somewhere cooler all year round as I couldn't take being cooped up like that, although I know where you're coming from. when my hay fever is bad the last thing I want to do is go outside!

  10. Hubby and I used to walk everyday around the neighborhood but as we have gotten older health issues have increased. Hubby has spinal stenosis and I have severe arthritis in my ankle-just had a cortisone shot in it this afternoon. Consequently neither one of us can walk on uneven surfaces or inclines etc. We have become 'mall walkers' and try to go at least 5 days a week and do a few laps. It's imperative that you look after your back or it will continue to deteriorate. And just as an aside I'm looking out of the window watching the snow come down!!

    1. I've never heard of the term "mall walkers" before but it makes sense and fair play to you for finding somewhere safe and flat that you can walk about to keep yourself active.
      Keeping myself strong is top of my list at the moment and I'm trying to really get myself fitter if I can. I've also taken up Aikido to try and keep my core strong but also so it encourages me to exercise a few times a week with a group of friends. It seems to be a martial art you can do into your old age so I think it might be something I do for a long while. I hope so anyway as I'm really enjoying at the moment.

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