Saturday 9 February 2019

Apple Trees For Sale

I've got lots of interesting apple trees that I grafted a few years ago to sell.
All grown free from pesticides or any chemicals on a north facing slope so when they get given a bit of love they should romp away!

£12 each plus postage UK Only. Postage will be between £12 - £25 depending on number of trees. I will heavily prune trees for postage, but I always recommend this before planting anyway to give the roots chance to catch up.

Discounts available if having 10 or more trees.


Pixie - Small apple but huge flavour - great late eater keep till Janurary

Spartan - Red Skin, white flesh, juicy apple good for making juice. Mid season

George Cave -very early apple - eaten off the tree is lovely. Won't keep.

Orleans Rennit - Said to be one of the nicest tasting apples ever - late season but doesn't keep more than a few weeks.

Annie Elizabeth - Old cooking apple, keeps its shape when cooked - purple blossom when flowering. Sweet - no sugar needed when cooking. Oct - Apr

Sunset - Good alternative to Cox - much easier to grow and still very tasty.

American Mother - Great eater - mid season apple. Great for exposed sites as blossom slightly frost tolerant - I find it a reliable cropper.

Claygate Pearmain - popular Victorian eating apple - late season apple -

Tydemans late orange - great keeper, still good in April - best easten from storage, nice sharp apple.

Blenham orange - vigorous tree - dual purpose, cooker and eater, very popular tree.

Winston - used to be known as Winters king - Eating apple that keeps well,

Brownlees russet - great russeted eating apple.

Happy to answer any questions on here or you can email me through the contact page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Good for you, I wish we lived closer. Kev, do you ever try pollinating to develop your own strains?

    1. Not yet. Might be one for the future, such low odds of it being any good I guess is what puts me off. Would make an interesting project though.

  2. Last month I read the book "At the Edge of the Orchard" in which Golden Pippin apples, applejack and John Chapman were secondary characters. John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) was an apple seedsman who actually wandered through our area back in the 1800s selling seedlings to settlers.
    Do rural people make applejack where you live or is that an American thing? Sorry if that's a dumb question.

    1. Never heard of Apple jack but googling it, it looks like you make a spirit from freezing - I don't think wer have cold enough temperatures to make it outside most years to be honest. Is it something you've made? Whats it like?

  3. What a great deal and beautiful variety. Wished I lived in the UK. Our apple trees have never been good here so we'll be replacing them this year, New varieties in new locations.

    1. Do you have a type of fruit that thrives where you live? Around here we're surrounded by orchards, apple trees everywhere here!


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