Thursday 14 February 2019

Sunny Walk To School

I took this photo on the way to school.

 I take this same photo quite often, the light just seems right as we walk our fast pace to school, the children marching in size order, trying to be first to get to the puddles to jump in, or smash if they're frozen. 

We don't walk to school often enough though, hopefully as my youngest gets older we'll do it more. I love it to clear my head and hear the children talk about things we might not otherwise. 

On a Thursday morning I look after my friends sons as well, the boys had great fun running back home, finding foot prints of different animals and pretending to eat worms. It's lovely seeing two little best friends interact like that. 

I'm truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place and share it with my family and friends. 

Anyhow, enough of the soppy post. 


  1. Brilliant post, these moments are great but they don't last for long and the children grow up so quick.

  2. Beautifully photo, beautifully written.

  3. I really like your site. I follow anonymously. I'd be happy if you followed my site. Good work...

  4. walking to and from school is an excellent time to talk as they dont realise that you are mining for information! lol My niece does this with one of her kids as she had problems at school but when you sat her down she clammed up. When she is walking and you point things out she accidentally let slip what was happening and apparently said to my niece "I didnt mean to say that, but I am happy I did". She was being bullied at school.


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