Tuesday 16 July 2019

Hay Making

AS we have no sheep this year we've had a surplus of grass to deal with.

In the past I've got contractors in to cut the grass and bale the hay, whilst I turn it to dry it. Then I could then do something with the hay.

This year I took a different approach as the contractor I used to use is no longer trading.

After thinking about it I decided that to save stress this year I was a going to take the wimps way out and give the grass away to a local farmer.

I know this isn't in the smallholding spirit but I'm already stretched quite thin and the money to be made off 3 acres of grass is minimal. I did do a bit of a deal as I want some well rotted cow muck in return for the garden.

So last week he came and cut, turned, baled and then took them all away. It's great to have the fields clear of long grass again and it makes them seem much more tidy.

Have to get some stock again for next year maybe!


  1. A barter or trade is always the next best thing to using it yourself. Sounds like an excellent trade for you both!

    1. IT certainly worked for this year. Hopefully it will bring soem good manure to my plot. the last lot I had was full of weeds and rubbish and I fear I'll be fighting it for some time yet.

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