Sunday 14 July 2019

Emergency Garden Club Speaker!

The last few weeks have gone like a blur. ShireJam really took it out of me and it took a while to get back to normal.

The worst was that after using my voice quite heavily all weekend I really needed it Tuesday night. I should say that the kids were well behaved over that weekend - I wasn't shouting at the kids but you needed to be loud to be heard over all the children there!

I seem to be getting a few more talk bookings for gardening clubs lately which is great news for me. Because I'm quite new on the circuit if there is a cancellation with a speaker somewhere else I've been available to jump in and fill the slot.

This has been the case with the last couple of talks I've done. Both have been for quite big clubs which is great to see, I love that gardening is such a popular subject. The one I did a few weeks ago has 150 members and I had over 90 there for my talk.

This weeks was slightly smaller with the club having 100 members and the venue even had a gallery! It was just north of Bristol in Thornbury, they were such a welcoming group and I really enjoyed speaking there. The only downside was they wanted me to talk for a bit longer than normal - two slots of 45 minutes each! I was worried they'd either get bored of me or my voice would give in. Luckily neither happened, well my voice didn't give in anyway and I had some great feedback.

I decided to keep it interesting I'd do a talk on our history here on the smallholding (an updated one that I did many years ago at Hellens) and a second talk on unusual fruit, veg and herbs which always goes down well. I love adding in lots of funny stories about the things that happen here, the advantage of my three kids is there is always new stories to tell, normally on a weekly basis!

I'm hoping I get more talk bookings as time goes on. It seems a great way to meet like minded people and I always end up laughing lots and enjoying myself. It is also a way of earning money that works around the kids and I can also sell a few of my products there if I'm lucky.

I keep getting compared to a few speakers who I'm yet to see do a talk in person, although I'm going to look out for them now!

Is there anyone you have seen talk at an event or a garden club that you enjoyed?

If I was to add to the list of talks I give what would you like to see me speak about?


  1. The Smallholders Society enquired about getting Bob Flowerdew to speak(he lives on Suffolk/Norfolk border) The list of "requirements" put us off as well as how much he charged!
    Things like"no one must speak to him before his talk except the organiser"
    He required a glass and jug of water but NO other food or drink. Only a set number of questions to be asked. etc etc!

    1. I do sometimes talk to him on Twitter and he seems really nice. I was surprised by how much some of the celebrity gardeners charge for a talk, I'm on peanuts but only just starting out with the whole talk thing.

  2. I don't have any suggestions for your talks. I just wanted to say congratulations on the opportunities!

    1. Thanks Leigh, it's amazing how things like this come around. Hopefully by doing them more work will come of it.

  3. Oh this is Wonderful. Love it!Good job!


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