Tuesday 5 November 2019

Club Talks & Family Life

 Last night I went for a garden club talk in a village the other side of Herefordshire.

It was a cracking venue, an old church, but fully carpeted! The talk I was giving was on preserving, one of my favourite subjects - especially this time of year.

I really enjoy doing these talks for garden clubs. It feels an odd way to earn a small part of my living but it fits so well around looking after the children. I've got quite a few booked in for next year which I'm really looking forward to and a few more talks worked out to add to the list that I offer.

I missed that nights scout meeting though because of the talk, but when I got back the items that the girls had made that night were waiting on my bed, little wooden Guy Fawkes, they'd decided not to burn theirs!

The next morning my younger daughter decided to draw me a picture of An English Homestead. I thought it was too cute not to share!

I love the annotation on it, especially "Slug" which she told me she was trying to write gloves but wrote it backwards! Her mind works so fast it's hard to keep up!


  1. They look like an amiable audience. Do you show slides at your talks? I have only gave one talk about growing vegetables and gardening and I was very nervous.

    1. I've given quite a few now and although to the first few I was quite nervous I've grown to love them now. I gave one a few months ago with over 90 people there!
      To illustrate the talk I have some digital imagines that I use. Its give some talking points and lets people see what I'm on about. Also lots of cute pictures of the kids helps to win people over!


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