Sunday 3 November 2019

Family Days Out - All Things Wild

We've just had such a great day out!

We spent the day at All Things Wild In Honeybourne, Worcestershire. 
My wife had taken the kids to All Things Wild earlier in the summer. I was working that day so missed it, but since then our little lad has kept talking about "the dinosaur farm" and wanted to show me.

For the last year or so he's had this book called "Dinosaur Farm" which has had to be read on repeat to him, I know every word and he always talks about visiting the farm, often saying it's up on the hill. When he came back from that day out in the summer he was so excited to tell me he'd found it and talked non stop about it!  

Lots to do during the day! As well as this there was lots of Halloween activities as well!
All Things Wild is just a couple of miles away from where my wife and I had our first house in Offenham, although an hour away from where we live now. We used to visit Honeybourne a lot as we had an allotment there and even visited the current venue a few times when it was a rare breed chicken farm. I have to say that I couldn't even recognise the place some 10 years later!

I can honestly say I've never seen my boy sustain his excitement for a whole day like he did for this, he was buzzing!

Halloween special!
We didn't realise that being Halloween that there would be extra activities on. We were given some activity sheets with stamps to find and also a list of things happening during the day, all with a bit of a Halloween theme. They did a few during the day, they loved the pirate training and one where they got to mix potions! 

Lots of Halloween decorations!

Lots of photo ops! 

Making potions!

My boys favourite bit was the little dino babies in here! Spent ages feeding them leaves!

Even I had to have a play in the Helicopter!
There's lots of different animals all round the place, lizards birds, raccoons, beavers, meercats to name a few. We even saw the raccoons being fed, I won't say what in case you're eating!

There was also lots of play areas for the kids to enjoy a great one with a huge slide and one with an old helicopter and digger for the kids to explore. But the attraction that saw my lad running towards it was the dino park!

Look at the size of this model!!!
First off we had a tour on a train pulled by a tractor! I was seriously impressed with the size of these models! One must be a good 35ft high! We then walked round the dinos, well we walked, the boy ran, shouting as he got to each one. We seemed to have the to place to ourselves while we walked round which was lovely.

Dino attacks!

The dinosaur models were great!

Surprises in the trees!

Pretending they're being pooed on!

I don't think I have a sensible picture of the kids from the whole day!

The boy being eaten!

Digging up some dino bones

Such a fun and quirky place!

Carved from wood! Some skill here! 

At the end of the day, as it started to drop colder and darker we headed to the cafe. Here there's a huge soft play area for the kids and a cafe for the adults. The icing on the cake was there was even free drinks for the kids!

Great soft play facilities!
It was a cracking day out, my only wish was that it was closer to home so we could go more often! The children enjoyed it so much, I don't think I've ever seen them so excited to go back somewhere. We'll certainly be going back soon!

*Disclaimer - This is a day out we paid for, I'm only endorsing it because we enjoyed it so much! 


  1. Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful day. I'm sure the children will remember it all their lives.


    1. I think I will. Such a fun day and so much magic in my boys eyes!

  2. what a wonderful place and such a great outing with the kids. good memories!


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