Sunday 1 December 2019

Letters To Father Christmas

I've loved the children's letters to father Christmas every time they've sent them, and this year is no exception. 

Our eldest has asked for a sewing machine, she is sewing obsessed at the moment.

Our middle child has asked for a toy robot and a pirate map.

And the youngest has asked for two toy whales (to go with the one he has) and a bubble gum dinosaur (a weird toy for about a pound he saw in a shop a while ago).

To have such simple wants in life is lovely.


  1. Your childrens wants and needs reflect they way you have raised them. I do hope santa provides the gifts they want, as for the sewing machine, great get her sewing and she will have a hobby for life and always be able to make things for herself and her home.

  2. Great for the sewing machine! My wife taught sewing. Sewing teaches abstract thinking skills. The need to plan ahead and often work from 'back to front' on a project is something that transfers to so many other facets of our lives. Sew away! Plus, it is just fun - and don't we all need more fun!

  3. Love these little requests! My advice for the sewing machine- do not get a toy one. Get a basic real one that will last for yrs. Even peruse second hand sellers- because even if she loses interest, a real machine can come in quite handy for the household.

  4. Hope they get their presents. Tell Santa that Argos and Lidl have some suitable sewing machines for under an hundred. What presents do you two parents wish for Kev?


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