Sunday 15 December 2019

This Years Heritage Seed Library Order

One of the things I love most is seeds! Growing them, saving them and I have a rather large guilty pleasure of ordering them!
The Heritage Seed Library order is my first this year, although I've been sent some seeds from different friends around the country. One I'm really keen to try is a small packet of an old wheat variety.

I love looking through all the different types and varieties and seeing what I can grow next year. I already have some seeds saved from this years HSL veg that I'm working on increasing numbers of.
Black Coco

 I've only chosen one french bean from the list this year, Idelight, I liked the sound of it because it's an easy to grow dwarf french that seems to have a really short days to harvest (55-60 days).
Last year I grew black coco, which were simply gorgeous to look at once podded. I haven't dare try any though as I intended to plant them all next year and produce a full bed of them. I'm really looking forward to being able to send a good amount back to the HSL and have plenty for the seed swap I help at.

The same with the peas, just picking one for 2020 and working on what I managed to produce from 2019. I have to admit that a small number like they send out works really well in a pot, but doesn't allow much wiggle room if things go wrong (*ahem* slugs and mice...).

Tomato seeds Scotland Yellow from 2019
Anyone else chosen their seeds from the Heritage Seed Library yet (if you're a member) or pu their big order in for what they'll be growing next year?


  1. I have been to Ryton Gardens home of Garden Organic years ago. Sounds like you're all prepared for next year.

    1. Need to do a few more orders yet for seeds! and the seed swap as well. Ryton is interesting but wasn't what I expected it to be, I was hoping for more test beds and experiments. Apparently it's being sold now so more money can be spent on research rather than maintaining the gardens.


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