Wednesday 27 May 2020

May Garden Tour 2020

The garden is benefiting with the extra time I've spent in it lately.

There's so much going on so I decided to do a quick (ish) walk around the garden to show you what I've got growing this year.

Lots of crops for seed saving hidden everywhere as well. I'm hopeful this should be my best year for saving seeds and crops for drying! 


  1. Hi Kev
    How do the pollinators get into your tunnel ?
    Or is the door mesh have big enough holes.
    We are picking our first courgette tonight, to go with the asparagus Kale shoots and asparagus and a few strawberries, lovely,

    1. When I need pollinators I just leave the door open during the day. My courgettes are still a little way off! Looking froward to them. My kale didn't make it though the winter. I often loose my braisscas as it's so damp here over winter.

  2. Hi Kev
    I have found that the outside brassica have been better than the tunnel ones, but have not been affected by frost. Also I think we must be as least in south west Wales as you are ??

    1. Here (Herefordshire) it seems to be the wet rather than the cold that does them in. I've not grown any under plastic before, I've been saving all that space for summer crops of tomatoes!

  3. Your seedling looks so healthy! So promising!


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