Friday 14 August 2020

Own Meat Birds Get A Step Closer

 So with some really poor hatch rates from posted eggs I decided that it was time to buy a few hens so we could actually start to hatch out our own eggs. I already have some fine Indian Game cockerels to run with them. 

There is a Facebook group about rearing meat for the table and through that I got in contact with someone who had some young Indian Game pullets for sale. So I took a trip into deepest darkest Wales (via a small saw mill that had some specialist timber I was after) to buy some! 

Of course I ended up buying more than just this! 

He sold a trio of Plymouth Rock Hens, which when crossed with an Indian Game will produce a great meat bird (And this cross was used in the orginal Chicken Of Tomorrow competition so I have high hopes).

I also got 4 Indian Game POL pullets so I should be able to keep a pure flock of these going as well. But hopefully the Plymouth Rock hens will lay enough eggs in the next few weeks to get another batch in the incubator and replace our need to order in day old Ross Cobbs! 

There seems to be quite a few pens of chickens around at the moment! Anyone else can't help themselves when it comes to poultry?


  1. I have Plymouth Rocks and they a very good layers. I had 4, now just 3 as one went egg-bound and I didn't get to her quick enough. I had them 5 years and they're still laying although a little slower. They've never been sick other than the egg-bound bird. And that just happened 2 months ago. Pretty friendly, very hardy. Love them all!

    1. I'm keen on these and the more I've read about them the more I like the sound of them. Be good to keep a little flock of these.

  2. Wouldnt mind some of those, Kev.
    Can you tell me where to get some, we are in Carmarthen

    1. These were the last of these he had. I'd like to get a cock bird and then be able to offer hatching eggs, but they're not an easy bird to find.

  3. What's the Facebook group called, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks


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