Sunday 28 March 2021

6 Chicks Hatched

Now I would have preferred a better hatch rate but considering the incubator jammed and it was some days before I realised it wasn't turning I'm surprised we got any! So we had 7 hatch, one unfortunately had to be dispatched but the 6 that are left seem healthy and happy. 

No matter how many times we hatch chicks out I'm always excited. These are some pure breed Indian Game, after setting up the breed flock last year (and doing some miles to do it!). 


We'll have to see what we get from this batch. The hens they came from are mixed colours run with a dark coloured cockerel so it'll be interesting to see if there is much of a mix. We might put another set of eggs in the incubator straight away to hatch some more, as these are much slower grown than Ross Cobbs we will need to keep some hatching through the year to supply us with meat. 

Anyone else hatching eggs at the moment?


  1. Aren't they sweet! I'll bet you kids loved watching the process.

    We are hoping for a broody hen, so we have an extra coop at the ready. Fingers crossed!

  2. Are you past the avian flu restrictions? The chicks (& and kids) are adorable.

  3. I got 5. Not impressive but I had some similar woes. Accidentally turned the incubator off an took 5-6 hours to discover it. The the eggs were from a neighbor an not the freshest. I set 36, had 16 viable candling at 10 days. I do think the turner was weak. 12 hatched or mostly so, a couple needed help an they expired shortly after... Then then a few days old an the broader bulb burned out on a colder night.. Lost a couple more on subsequent days due to pneumonia. A couple more to a snake.......... :/ but! 5 better than none! They're 13 days old now


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