Sunday 21 March 2021

Mothers Day Present

 I was really struggling with what to get my mum for mothers day last week. She had suggested something (some threads) but it seemed a bit flat so I decided to maker her something instead. 

We both enjoy having birds visit our gardens so I made up a couple of robin nest boxes for her - especially as last year she had one nesting where she stores all her garden pots and tools! I thought two would really increase her odds of getting one used. Made in my usual style with the reclaimed wood. Hopefully an animal will find these useful. 

I'm now tempted to make up some more nest boxes to put up around her, it was lovely seeing bluetits nest in the one I made last year on the side of my workshop. 

What type of nest box do you like to put up?


  1. We caught (as in caught out - didn't actually catch it) a squirrel folded up in out robin boxes. There seemed to be no answer to that, robins won't use boxes with small holes in the front. We had to screw metal protectors round the holes on all the other boxes to stop the squirrels chewing the holes bigger. Hope your Mum's place isn't over-run with squirrels.

  2. Doug builds nesting boxes for starlings with a 42mm hole to keep the mynah birds out.

  3. We put up bluebird houses, but I would love to make one of these for the robins. How 'bout a tutorial for a beginning wood worker.

  4. We have the usual Blue Tit boxes but we also have swift nestboxes under the eaves. Swifts are really declining, what with all these new builds and renovations of old properties that are leaving no space under the tiles for them so they need all the help they can get. You could try making some of those for your mum (and yourself!) next time. Here's a hint for a xmas pressy...some cameras for the nest boxes that you've made so that your mum can see what's going on inside!


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