Sunday 7 March 2021

Eggs In The Incubator

 So my two breeding pens of chickens have started laying well it's time to put them to the test! 

The "P" stands for purebreed Indian Game and the "X" stands for crosses where we have an Indian Game Cockerel with Columbian Plymouth Rock Hens. We have just butchered the crosses we hatched out last year so I'm hoping the fertility stays the same. I'll candle these in a week or so. I'm already saving some eggs now for a friend to hatch and and I'm tempted to list some on eBay once I've proven they will hatch! 

Anyone else hatching eggs? I feel I've started late this year! 


  1. How EGG-citing! (Thought your girls might like that one.)
    I am hoping to acquire another coop to house my broody hen and hoping she is willing to do all the work! ;0D

    Keep us posted, Kev!

    1. Haha! My silkies were broody in January but then my breeding birds weren't laying! Hopefully they can hatch some for me soon though.

  2. Kev - what's the advantage of 'machine incubating' over 'hen incubating'? Just to keep the hens laying? Ta.

    1. More that you can choose the time. I hatched some silkies last year to act as my broody hens but so far they've only been broody once and it was in January when the breeding birds weren't laying! It's easier to use broodies but I can do a bigger number of eggs in the incubator. Also handy when I'm trying to figure out the fertility of them as well as I can candle them easily.
      To be honest we have too many hens laying and are going to have to start selling some eggs again soon!


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