Thursday 6 May 2021

Baking Nights

The children love being back at school with their friends. 
But I do miss them a bit! So I'm trying to make sure that our evening are spent doing something and not filled with clubs each night, although they have started scouts again (children need less school and more scouts). 

They quickly find something they want to do. wither around me or independent of me! Last night I was making Chelsea buns and my Middlest decided to make some biscuits. 

What was really nice was how she took to the task (I tend to leave them, other than wiping down the surfaces in preparation) and got her brother involved. Whilst I was busy doing other jobs she was telling him the measurements and weighing out ingredients with him, teaching him the whole time and sharing the jobs. 

Tonight all three got involved. I came back in from planting out some beans and they had started to colour some icing so they could decorate their biscuits. 

They had a wail of a time doing it. 

Some quite funny biscuits and tasty as well! 
The only part I took in these was putting them in the oven and back out again - they won't need me at all soon! Great that they can be creative like this after school quite independently and I get some great food in return! 


  1. It is always a delight to see how you are raising your children. They are wonderful. Bravo!

  2. Fabulous Kev, I love to see it. But please please put a wooden 'lid' over your induction hob when it's not in use, I have personal experience of how easily something can fall on it and smash the glass. I notice a bottle of cooking oil has already fallen on it! The one that did mine in was a metal measuring cup!

  3. Love their independence! Look like yummy biscuits to me. Job well done, all!

  4. How wonderful they can manage so well on their own. I love your comment children need less school and more scouts. I couldn't agree more!


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