Sunday 29 August 2021

New Quay To Aberaeron Walk

Always on the look out for mini adventures with the children, we decided that even though the weather looked a bit iffy (like 80% chance of rain at lunch time) we would go for a nice long walk. 

The route to Aberaeron from where we were staying in New Quay looked nice and we knew we could get a bus easily back at the end of it. 

The children were about 70% sold on the idea so with the promise of an ice cream at the end we set off with a packed lunch and lots of water bottles. 

Of course it did rain, but not huge amounts. We'd made the decision to go with jumpers (hoodies) rather than coats as it was still really warm and even warmer when walking! 

As a coastal walk it was as up and down as you'd imagine! 

With some really steep bits! 

The children were great though and didn't moan at all (except about when lunch was!)

We stopped and ate in a beautiful little dip where a stream ran through. 

When we got to Aberaeron we treated the children to a proper ice cream sundae as a well done! 

 Even getting the bus back was an experience for these guys as living where we do we don't use the bus very often! 

A lovely walk and so nice that the children easily managed it! 

Do you have favourite family walk?


  1. what fun. when i die i want to come back as a child in your house. your kids are strikingly beautiful.

    1. Haha, it's not all good - I took the door off my daughters bedroom today as she keeps slamming it (happened to be on her brother today)

    2. Oh My! Does that bring back a memory of my boys when they were your kids' age. After day after day of me not having any hot water for my shower (I was last so they could get ready for school) and warning them to be more conservative I decided to take decisive action to make my point. I turned off the water heater. What did they do? Took showers at school and I still didn't get a hot shower for a week. They forgot to tell me they were showering at school, of course... Cheers!

  2. We are extremely lucky to live just 10 minutes walk from the shore, it's an inlet part of the Portsmouth docks waterway, so we have a good view of all the ships docked. It's not a tourist spot, just locals , so it is perfect when the tide is in.

  3. What a fabulous adventure, Kev! What good sports your children are. I'd say the sundae was well deserved!


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