Wednesday 24 November 2021

Oak Floor For Mum

This weekend just gone I fitted an oak floor with my brother. It's for mum and dad in their dining room, they've lived in this house for nearly 40 years now! 

I prefer to glue these floors down rather let them float as it feels more solid. Mum wanted to bead round the skirting but when she left the room we took it off anyway - a much better job! It'll still need beading round the fireplace. 

We laid the floor in a day. It has been a while since I've done one and I forgot how much it hurts my knees! 

Fairly straight forward but really pleased with the result - it really changes the room! 


  1. great floor! why don't you pack up the kids and wife and come visit me. oh, make sure you bring your tools with you.

    1. Haha, much as I'd love to and have visited the USA in the past I don't feel now is the best time to travel!

  2. That floor is just beautiful! You all did a great job!

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  4. The wide plank oak looks good. Around here you rarely see that. Most is 2 &1/4 wide red oak. And I've never seen it glued down like that. As for the aching knees the last few post on my blog shows what aggravated mine recently.

  5. Absolutely fabulous Kev, and what a great home your mum has too!

  6. You did a good job and what a lovely room.

  7. Gel Knee Pads! Wouldn't be without them for any 'on the knees' job. The floor looks beautiful. Could you explain "bead around the skirting" to me, please? It must be an English term we are not familiar with over here. Is 'skirting' the baseboard?

  8. That looks a very nice job Kev and it suits that beautiful room really nicely. Have to agree with Rosalea about the gel knee pads, three decades of factory engineering and now a gardening career have left mine basically shot.

    Regards John


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