Tuesday 30 November 2021

Chicken Cull

 This posts contains pictures of dead animals, if you don't like that then please don't click to read more of the article. 

Despite the bad weather this weekend just gone we needed to prepare the chickens for the avian flu lockdown. This meant lots of shuffling of chickens to different pens and the processing of 6 cockerels.

The girls, as ever, were keen to help. We've got it down to an art now, so long as the water is at temperature we can do six birds in about an hour - which was a good thing as it was pretty cold on Sunday! 

If you read this blog then you'll know that having the children help is nothing new, in fact I've got to the point where I won't do it without them if I can help it. They work hard, are good company and make the time fly. 

I haven't weighed the birds yet but I'm so pleased with the size of them. Full breasts and great legs, one of these birds will be our lunch on Christmas day. I love that they didn't have much fat inside them, often a problem when processing Ross Cobb birds. 

My Middlest child also helped with the full clean up as well (the eldest got squirted with poo (and I mean a lot of poo) when gutting a bird - at pressure as well, so she went in to get cleaned up). There isn't a single bit of these girls that is squeamish! 

I feel lucky they're keen to help me. They also helped move birds around in the dark that night to change the flock dynamics as pecking orders were upset anyway! 

What did you have to do to prepare for the avian flu lock down that came in force yesterday?


  1. Kev, I know what a job that is. Years ago, we had about 20 turkeys. We planned a neighborhood processing day. Some were assigned killing, others plucking and others inside to clean them out. I still remember what fun we had. Your girls are the best!

  2. My family was all boys. What a contrast with your girls! Love the red coat plucking!!! My guys? Well, whatever got the job done. No style at all. Cheers!

  3. You should be teaching parenting. Those are some amazing young ladies you have there. Those plump birds are pretty impressive too. They are going to taste so fine!

  4. Well done! I hadn’t heard about your avian flu lock down….makes me glad that we don’t have that happen in the states.

  5. We hope your flock remains safe from avian flu. Enjoy your homegrown Christmas roast.

  6. Your children are going to be super well rounded as adults with a healthy respect for the food chain. None of this "There are special bald chickens that are only grown for the supermarket. nothing like the little red hen, darling...". People are completely divorced from the food chain. They seem to think that the problems are just the lorry driver and containers not being moved around. Wait till they realise that not only is there a CO2 shortage, that they fertilisers monoculture farming is reliant on, is also in short supply. Wait till their bread is 3 times the price then maybe more people will be more interesting themselves with where their food comes from

  7. As ever your girls are brilliant, I was useless at their age and would be found up a tree when Mum tried to teach me how to skin a rabbit. Enjoy your very fresh chickens.

  8. You could hire out your daughters, we have recently got all our meat birds in the freezer

  9. Awesome to se your girls helping. Our son was raised doing chores and helping like that on our farm. Whenever he goes to work somewheres they can tell he was a kid that was raised on a farm. He works hard! So far no avian flu in Canada.
    Spring Peeper Farm


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