Thursday 9 December 2021

Ideal Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

I've been working as hard as one of Father Christmas's Elves these last few weeks trying to make stock to sell via Etsy and other means. 

I thought I'd put a few in a post here just encase people didn't know what I made or sold. 

My most popular item is my range of potting trays. Ideal for mixing up compost or filling pots and trays. I do four different sizes off the shelf and also make some to order (although not now before Christmas:

Medium - 40cm x 58cm

Large - 54cm x 58cm

Jumbo - 54cm x 78cm

Jumbo Shallow - 40cm x 78cm

I also make a range of seed boxes. Ideal to organise your seed collections in. 

For these I make some with new timber and hand carve the word "SEEDS" on the front of each one. I then cut the hinges in by hand and finish them with two coats of Danish oil. These are made in two sizes

Carved wood seed box Medium - 30cm x 20cm

Carved wood seed box Large - 40cm x 30cm

And I also make a range of boxes from reclaimed timber. I've been struggling to get this timber this year so it's really nice to be able to offer these for sale again. I love how different the timber is on these and it's great for it to have a second life like this. 

Reclaimed wood seed box Medium - 30cm x 20cm

Reclaimed wood seed box Large - 40cm x 30 cm

I do make many more items, I have some boxes painted with a traditional milk paint, and sometimes have odd sized ones to make the most of the timber, something that is only possible as each one is made by me. 

I also try to utilise every scrap of wood, my main reason for selling bird feeders, which are a really popular item. 

My can rotators are something I'm really pleased I invented. I think this will probably be the last of these that I sell since the increase in the cost of MDF has made them too expensive to make. These were made as kits before the timber price increase though so I'll keep selling them until I run out. 

And the ultimate gardening gift would be the hand carved tool box I made a few months back. One like this was featured in an article I wrote for wood carving magazine. 

Thank you to anyone who supports my small business in anyway, through buying one of my products, liking a post I write or sharing something on social media. It makes such a huge difference to the way we live. 


  1. Hi Kev. You commented a time ago,that you liked using reclaimed wood, what sort of wood, did yo mean ?

  2. A nice selection Kev, particularly like the potting tray and seed box .

  3. amazing stuff kev. really beautiful!

  4. Just LOVE the gardiner's Tool Box!! Wish I could get one but I'm on the west coast of Canada . . . .

  5. Oh my... the potting tray and the bird feeder are my yearning favourites, but unfortunately (in this case) I live in The Netherlands.
    Beautiful craftsman's work Kev!

  6. There looks to be some nice items here, solid and well made. I like the look of the workshop/potting shed too. Proper job.


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