Sunday 13 February 2022

Skinny Chilli

Over the years I've grown many chillies here, we don't use that many but they look so beautiful as plants. I tend to dry them or make them into jam. 

This year I only want a few plants to grow on the bedroom windowsill. I wanted small compact plants that were almost topiary in appearance. tony, at the seed swap, brought a pot of tiny chillies labelled as "Skinny Chillies". He said the plant stays small and will be perfect for what I want. 

 Breaking the seeds out of some naturally dried chillies is a sheer joy.

What's not sheer joy is forgetting you've done that then rubbing your eye an hour later! Pain! 

I've got these on my heated propagator and I'm hoping they germinate. 

What is your favourite chilli to grow?


  1. Serranoand jalapeno. The plants are however way too big for a windowsill.

    1. Ah yes, I love jalapenos, but they do become quite big plants you're right. I have a long green budda I'm trying this year, said to be okay outside as well.

    2. Kev, those look like what I would call Thai chilis. They make for beautiful plants, but they are rather spicy!

      My favorite is the simple jalapeno. It is reliable produce in our neck of the woods and can be used in recipes, pickled, or (best of all) stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

    3. YEah I think they're spicy! More for ornaments really and to maybe add to the bird feeder to stop the squirrels.
      I do love a jalapeno as well, or a padron is amazing.


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