Saturday 26 March 2022

New Rose Arch - Some Assembly Required...

For a while now I've wanted the veg garden to look a bit nicer. I've wanted to have somewhere to sit and have it as slightly more than just a productive area. 

One thing I've always wanted was a nice entrance to it, rather than a few gates made from old pallets. A few years ago, (7 in fact) I fenced mums garden with sweet chestnut and I've always loved the look of that, it blends in more as it ages. The other advantage is the wood is all coppiced locally and is sustainable. 

 When I enquired about an arch they said there was quite a wait but I could buy the timbers and make it myself instead. So I did just that. They're based not far from here so didn't take too long to get there, although we had to dig out a few logs to make the order right! 

What I got is quite a few poles of sweet chestnut, there is enough in the picture for a few fence posts I need, enough timber to build a shaving break (for splitting the chestnut down into lathes) and the wood for the rose arch. I've also got some paling on order as well for fencing around the garden and greenhouse. 

I'm really looking forward to working on this project. I think I'll get the children to help as much as possible, they should be able to strip the bark as an easy first job. 

Have you ever worked with sweet chestnut? What type of fencing would your dream garden have?


  1. I've never had a fence like this, but really like the look of your mum's. You did a great job and the fact that you can now teach your children to help you do your own is a plus. As a grandmother, I think it is wonderful that you and your wife are teaching your children all about keeping and maintaining a home - inside and out. I cannot wait to see the fence - maybe I can figure out how to do the arch - my two middle grands love projects like these..

    1. Hopefully it'll be easy enough, a bit of brute strength needed to split it all but hopefully not too bad afterwards.

  2. Wow, that looks great Kev! Sadly here chestnut is not to be found - if it is anything, it will likely be of oak or pine (or to a lesser extent, cedar, although it is generally not big enough). Also because our local deer population, fencing such as yours would be more of speedbump to anything deer want - here if you want to keep your garden the fence is like 6' high some element of wire at the top.

    1. I imagine cedar would be good. The deer here seem to stay away from the garden luckily, mainly muntjac we see. I pee everywhere to keep foxes away so maybe that helps.


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