Monday 21 March 2022

Sausage Course At Mileshiggins Meat boxes

 I spent a lovely morning with my mum on Sunday. 

For Christmas she had got me a morning making sausages in a farm in Herefordshire that also does meat boxes, Mileshiggings farm. For Christmas she will often get a course we can do together and it makes it a really nice experience. 

The lady running the course, Aimee, was really fun and friendly, lots of countryside chat accompanied the workshop! 

First off we deboned a whole shoulder of pork. 

Then we minced the meat. 

And made them up to a recipe. 

This is the fun bit as you mix it, then fry it to check it tastes right. I went for pork, apple, sage and onion sausages and mum went for salt and pepper ones. 

Then we started on the sausage making. Mum was better at this than me as I filled mine too full, then when it came time to tie them up a few of mine split. 

It was a lovely way to spend a morning on a beautiful farm in Herefordshire and we got to take home lots of sausages. 

Mum then took me out for lunch! So it was a great Sunday all round. 

Always tempted to get a sausage stuffer to make our own, even with bought in pork. But the kids are so keen for pigs this year - I think I'll have to get fencing to make it happen. 

Anyone else make their own sausages? What's your favourite type?


  1. That looks like wonderful idea Kev! And a great product to boot!

    We do not make sausages, but apple and pork are hard to beat.

    1. I agree. Pork and apple were really made for each other!


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