Monday 6 June 2022

Garden Progress

 Seems a long time since I dug over all these beds and paths to dig out the bindweed. 

But so far the hard work seems to be paying off. Yes, it keeps coming up but I have a walk around once a day and pick it to keep on top of it and it's so much less than it was before. 

It's really making me happy to see the garden being so fruitful and already looking so green and lush. 

I still have more beds to tackle and as the ones I've worked on are nearly all planted up I spending a bit of time each night preparing the next bed for planting - some are producing a fair bit of plant matter for composting! 

I also need to start thinking about my winter crops, this year I'm going to have winter salads and greens in the polytunnel hopefully and try to fill the spare beds with field beans if possible, but I always have big plans like this and never nail it completely! 

Is your garden doing okay this year? What are your winter garden plans?


  1. It's amazing how fast it gas all filled in again. Big change from rows of tilted paving slabs.

    1. Yeah, there was one point I was worried if I'd ever get it back down and ready again. Trouble is I've probably got the same size area again in this garden to deal with. But working at it slowly every day seems to be key for me.

  2. Looks good and the paths look very functional for walking and barrowing.

    1. Yeah, it lies so wet here in winter it would be impossible to get up and down the garden otherwise during a wet spell.


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