Tuesday 21 June 2022

Lots Of Scouts Stuff

 Just an hour a week they tell you...

Lots of fun scouting things lately. The summer term is often the best one when it comes to being able to have every meeting outside. 

Two weekends ago we went to a local water park and had a day boating, and climbing - of course it's only fair that I end up in the water with them! 

It was a little too long for some of our smaller beavers who are only just 6 years old, to be fair we were all starting to flake by the end of the day! I know I was and my three were all keen to go to bed. 

The night after we had Beavers again! This time den building at the top of the village. 

Every year a friend of the scouts lets his small woodland be used for den building, he clears areas and leaves poles for the children to use. 

Needless to say they all love it, it's a beautiful night watching children just play and make dens together. 

I love how much our three children love scouts and I love that I can be involved with that as well. Just last night we had our annual Scout AGM BBQ and although some parents won't even come into the meeting (which is a little rude when they will come for the free food and climbing wall) it's great to see we still have a great team with lots of us pulling together to make things work for the children. 

We've some fun sessions coming up and my favourite one we do every year is just around the corner - slip and slide!!! And a little further away is the scout annual jumble sale where all the funding our group does takes place in an intense week of action! 


  1. Once a Scout Group gets hold of an enthusiastic Dad they'll never let you go!!

  2. I was girl guide leader for many years in a different county, when we moved I decided I wanted to step back and not transfer, but it was a fun time, if not hard work.

    1. I think moving is the only way out at times!


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