Monday 19 September 2022

Fixing A Broken Spade Handle

Just before the first Covid lockdown I broke a couple of spades (I try to go too fast and too much at times!) so I ordered some replacement handles and rivets to repair them when I got time. 

My trouble is jobs like that never find time! And so long as I had another spade it was never going to happen. So when my third one started to wobble I thought I should get repairing. 

It's a relatively easy job with only a couple of difficult bits - removing the old broken handle and shaping the new one. 

I filmed myself fitting a new one, no talking, just showing what I did. I have a fork to fix as well so if people would like a longer more explained video I might make one of those later this week. 

As always let me know what you think. If you could leave a comment on my YouTube video it might help other people find it and help me hit the 4,000 watch hours I need to monetise it (which is so far off it's not even funny! lol)  

Anyone else repair their garden tools rather than buy new ones?


  1. F uses a shovel (easier to dig with AND the handles are easier to repair/replace). As for repair rejse are you kidding? Some of our garden tools are into their third generation of family use and might have reached 5 generations by now if F had ever had any kids!

    1. Really depends on the shovel doesn't it! I'm very fussy with my shovels, I like them to be all metal handles and have a bit of weight about them. but I normally dig with a spade. I've got a few shovels that need shot blasting though from other people using them. This shovel is one my kids got me and I did another one in the afternoon that my mum bought me 15 years or so ago when we got our first house.


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