Monday 31 July 2023

ISOtunes review

Last week I put together a review video of my ISOtunes ear muffs.  

I'd been meaning to do this for ages as they're something I use everyday. I can't understate how much having some Bluetooth earmuffs has changed my working day. Jobs I used to dread (sanding) are now something I really look forward to as I can listen to books or podcasts, educate myself on subjects and just have my mind doing something positive. 

I did have a pair break early on, but ISOtunes replaced them before the batteries even went flat on the pair I was using. This new pair I've had no issues with. 

I just wish I'd had them earlier, having these makes me want to wear earmuffs! 


  1. I have a pair and love them. They have already become a necessity.

    1. Yeah I agree, can't imagine my working day without them.


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