Tuesday 14 November 2023

Carving Letters - Instructional Video

Back in the summer I got asked by a spoon carver via Instagram to carve them a sign for when they do craft fairs. 

I agreed to do it, but as usual struggled to find the time, but the week before last was wet and horrible so I decided to treat myself to a nice little carving job in my warm workshop. 

Photo credit - Mark Robson

I decided I should film it as well. 

It made for a really calm video and one I hope some of you will enjoy. I talk about the carving and a few other things as I go. 

 I think it works well as a video and well as it being a good job for a fellow craftsman. If you want to see some of Marks beautiful spoons have a look on his Esty shop, they're truly lovely! 

Let me know what you think.

What lettering would you carve? 


  1. I did a wood carving day, and was soo disappointed as all the craving was done on a machine, I do love my garden sign, but I missed out on an experience. My sign 'Marlene digs here'

    1. So you went and saw a machine carving it? I think doing it by hand holds some real magic for me.

  2. Sad to say, in this world of cheap 3D routers, I probably wouldn't hand carve any lettering anymore. But one of these days I do plan to make a handful of hand carved spoons. I'm tired of the cheap wooden ones my wife buys and breaks in bulk.

    1. I built a CNC with a friend, but we don't really use it. One day I might race it to carve out some words for fun, but I know they've got me beat. I try to keep the craft alive, but there's no real money is doing anything with carving. It's a skill I wanted though and I'm glad I learnt and still do it to keep the skill alive.


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