Thursday 16 November 2023

Garden Club Talks Mixed With A Spot Of Pole Dancing...

Mad start first few days to the start of the week, two garden club talks. One on the Monday then one on Tuesday, I got home after 11 both nights! I'm writing this on Wednesday evening and I'm really tired!

Both were great fun though. 

The first was at a village just outside Bromsgrove, and as I pulled up the village hall I could see all the lights on, even though I was really early. I parked up the truck, got some of my gear and walked up to the hall. I then stood looking through the doorway in shock...

Inside there was about 15 people pole dancing. 

I wasn't sure quite what to do, do I walk in and ask if they wanted a talk on unusual fruit and veg?

A lady then appeared out the darkness behind me, she introduced herself as the chairperson of the garden club and asked if everything was alright. 

I slowly turned to her and then back at the pole dancers, 

"If you want that," I gestured to the people inside, "you're gonna have to pay more..." I said deadpan. 

Turns out the hall had two rooms, one with poles that can be put out as they train twice a week. It was a little distracting in the background but I dug deep and was the professional! 

Turned out to be a great group and really fun, I had some great questions at the end as well. I had my card reader for the first time and managed to take a few sales (I can pretty much guarantee anyone that picks up a scoop is going to buy one) 

The second talk was in a village just outside Leominster called Puddleston (sounds almost made up - like something from a midsummer murder book). This was one of my favourite talks to give as it's just about us (well me mainly) and how we got to where we are (where ever that is). It so much fun as I take no notes, and I give the talk infrequently enough to forget which slide is next. In doing that every time I give the talk it's completely different and I love telling different stories each time. 

I try not to book more than one talk in a week, and only did this because the one club asked so nicely, but I do find doing a few in a week a good challenge, part of me would love to book five in and do one a night one week, just to see how I'd react and deal with it! I think it could be really good fun. 

Being a bit of an extrovert at times I think this is the real outlet for my many days on my own in my workshop, I go into these talks with 100% enthusiasm  and I try to make each one better than the last, looking at ways I could improve it. 

Would you have me speak at your club?


  1. Absolutely... if I had a club and didn't live across an ocean from you.

  2. If you can get some of those pole dancers to perform at your talks you will be on to a winner. Glad you sold some more of your work.

    1. Haha, it would certainly change things up a bit!


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