Thursday 2 November 2023

Weekend In Wales With Friends

This weekend just gone we managed to get away to Mum and Dad's place in Wales. Now the place is a bit bigger (since we redid the roof last year) we could take another family with us! 

Our friends have four children and with our three it makes for a fun full house!

When I was a "proper" stay at home dad, Wendy and I used to hang out together quite a bit, we'd keep each other sane, ran a playgroup together and used to do communal childcare - we were always swapping children. Our parenting styles are very similar and all our children are very well behaved. And as the two families have got a little older we still hang out together lots. 

What's really nice is how well all the children get on, they just seem to play in a similar way. The whole weekend none of them fell out with each other, and we didn't have to shout or raise our voices (except over the rain). We took a lot of board games and they played them loads, their oldest and our youngest didn't leave a board game the whole time they were in the house! 

We managed to get some breaks in the weather. They built an epic sand castle city over the course of four hours! 

And we managed to do some lovely things, like have fish and chips on the quay, pasties on the beach and a lovely meal out for a Sunday roast at a local pub. 

I caught one very cute moment as I walked up to the top floor. Our Middlest was reading a bedtime story to their youngest, she was already loving that she got to share with "the big girls" but this was super sweet. My daughter is so good at doing the voices as well!

A fun weekend and a well needed break before what I hope will be a Christmas rush with the items I make and sell! 

I love seeing my children growing up with their friends around them. 


  1. Due to a small family and widely spaced out, I never grew up with a situation like that but it looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps when my brother's girls and mine start having children, they will be spaced close enough for a similar get together.

    1. We often joke these guys are like cousins. We have some great pictures of them all watching films together at BBQs and parties. They all look out for each other.

      My sister and brother have two each and it's lovely when they all meet up, my wife's brothers children are a bit older, but we still see them occasionally. The trouble with families living further apart is we don't see each other as much as we'd like.

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