Saturday 24 February 2024

Sow It Begins

With the bit of sunshine touching the bare earth here in Herefordshire I decided I should begin to put a few seeds in the dirt. 

Now it takes a lot of control not to go crazy here, but a few things do well really early, and I like to make a couple of gambles with some seeds. 

The peppers, chilli and aubergines it's perfect to get them in now (I've been trying to hold off). The mini cucumber is an experiment to see  if I can grow a couple of really early plants on the windowsill in our bedroom. The children love the mini snack cucumbers I sometimes get from the shops so they've convinced me to double down on those (I think I've bought 4 different varieties). 

I also sowed some greens (spinach and lettuce) for undercover crops either in the greenhouse or polytunnel. 

The herbs below are due to my obsession with a chimichurri beef recipe I keep cooking on a bed of winter squash and shallots. I want a good herb garden this year and I want it heavy with oregano and parsley for that very reason! 

I also started to sort out the bed in the 12ft greenhouse. Last year, even though I added more compost and muck it seemed to dry out so quickly. I worry that the compost was poor quality and actually the real soil is quite far down from it (you can see how I put this bed in here). I dug up some soil from a few veg beds outside that had gotten too high and brough it in. 

Hopefully this will help retain a bit of moisture, I still plan to add some compost on top, but should give somewhere for the roots to grab hold. I might soak it all heavily and then cover it over until I need the growing space. 

Is your growing space ready for spring? 

What seeds have you sown so far?


  1. Peas yesterday and Beetroot today.

  2. I'm waiting for a week or two, but I'm itching to go.

  3. Wishing you success in your early planting!
    We have been winter sowing for a few weeks now and I have some herbs as well as kale, lettuce, onions, leeks, potatoes and some flowers germinating. We've also been growing broccoli and cabbage through the winter. This is such an exciting time of year for gardeners, and I look forward to the harvests ahead. Cheers!

  4. Since we have a significant amount of snow forecasted for mid week next week, we are holding off. But I'm hoping to put some salad greens and salad toppings into the ground soon. I have everything prepared though so all I have to do is give it a tilling and then plant.


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