Monday 5 February 2024

Willow Coppice For Firewood - 3rd Section Cut

A few weeks ago I managed to carve out enough time to tackle my little section of willow coppice. 
This is the third cut now and I'm really enjoying seeing what we get from it and the regrowth in its different stages. 

This is the wood from one average sized tree. Most only had one or two stems though as I've didn't do the cut it down at year one, it just hadn't put on enough growth by then. 

I filmed the process and I'm really pleased with the video I've put together. 

The total amount of firewood is probably a builder's bulk bag, plus I cut about twenty 5' posts that I'll use with the hedging if I ever get around to laying any hedges this year - I will strip the bark first before I use them and knock them in upside down to try to prevent any regrowth from them. 

The next two pictures show the firewood from an area about 6m by 10m. I had a few gaps where trees hadn't taken, so a little miss management from me has probably reduced my return a bit.  

The willow coppice is a really fun project and one I'm keen to keep going with. I can't wait to see what it looks like when we have five sections at different stages of growth. It's such a great resource, firewood, stakes, canes for roasting marshmallows on, canes for the garden (when stripped). 

My plan is to add another few rows, but have them as basket varieties and grow them as pollards. Always good to be planting more, I will need to tackle the blackthorn before I do that though. 


  1. Never thought of knocking them in upside down to prevent re growth. You look to have a good haul for firewood. Basket varieties have lovely colours too, so should look decorative.

  2. I've heard willow burns hot but very quickly. I've seen a few willow trees over the years but mostly as ornamental trees in yards and so I've not had the pleasure of cutting and burning one. Where I live, we have a ton of black cherry and red/white oaks which burn for long periods of time. Occasionally, I will through on a piece of osage orange which is kind of like the trifecta of burning wood. It burns really hot and for a really long time.


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