Thursday 23 May 2024

May Garden And Orchard Tour

So a little wonder around the garden. It's the usual mixed bag, some things are looking good and others aren't!  

Slugs and rabbits have been my biggest enemies this year, although trying to get more infrastructure up and running has slowed me down as well! 

So I filmed a little walk around video, going through the beds. I hope to get some more in fairly soon and get everything planted out that I've got as seedlings, May always seems so busy, fairly sure I could do just the garden and smallholding and still not have enough time! 

Give the video a watch and let me know what you think. How far on are your crops in comparison?


  1. Mine are quite a ways further along in some cases, potatoes come to mind. Some are about at the same stage like tomatoes and some are by default, behind since they never came up like our parsnips. It is why we plant a variety so hopefully we have a good crop of something.

  2. Despite the rabbits and slugs, you have a fabulous garden. Everything seems to be thriving well. I do not grow veggies due to wildlife. I am growing a few fruit trees:
    2 pear, 2 apple and 1 peach with the intent to eliminate lawn. All are doing quite well. The pear trees are laden with fruit as is the peach. The apple trees are new this past Spring and I do not expect much from them. I have installed a low voltage electric fence around the base of the trees because our raccoons raid fruit trees and last year, they took all the fruit overnight. They are nocturnal and the electric fence is "on" overnight and "off" during the day. This fence is a bit of an experiment for me but I've got to do something to protect the fruit.


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