Sunday 12 May 2024

Putting Up A Second Hand Greenhouse

Although my "new" greenhouse has been up and running for a week or more now, I finally got around to putting the video together. 

 Hopefully this is a fun video showing me putting up the frame and glazing it.

The amount of time that has gone into this project is hard to quantify! Every time I had a spare minute I'd pop out to do some little job on it. The frame wasn't too bad to put up thankfully, far easier than the other 12x8 greenhouse I've got, which is probably down to being the person which disassembled it. 

But I'm super pleased. It's a project I've been on about doing for ages, so to see this area brought under control and looking much better really makes me feel good. I've already started making some compost bins in the area to the left of the greenhouse, and I'm planning out the the little lean-to I want to make between the greenhouses. Dad has some old tin and perspex coming off a barn soon and I think I will use some of that to keep material costs down. 

Have a watch of the video and let me know what you think.

Think I should have gone for a second polytunnel instead?


  1. I guess having been brought up in rural America, I am not used to such greenhouses that are all frame and glass and go together like a kit. Nearly all the ones I'm familiar with are built with 2 x materials and what we call greenhouse panels which aren't as translucent as glass. The one you assembled looks quite nice and I like the simplicity of putting it together. I can't imagine a poly tunnel being better than one of those greenhouses.

  2. A very good job Kev. I would like a polycarbonate sheeting polytunnel next time I replace the cover.

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