Saturday 16 March 2013

Another Chicken Coop

I need my garden back.
The chickens have done their job and removed the weeds for me but they're running amuck. I can't leave anything in the veg garden or it will get pecked to death.
I want to get these ex caged birds out into the field but the old shed they sleep in now (covered in a rather fetching blue tarp) won't move without falling down.
The frame work made up - notice the two "wheelbarrow" arms to help move it.
A new coop is the only answer. And me being me I can't just go and buy one, I have to make it (I should be making things for other people and earning money - but oh well).
I wanted this coop to be mobile so I could move it round the field with the electric netting, giving the chickens fresh ground every couple of weeks. I decided to make it like a large wheelbarrow with two arms one side and the wheels on the other. I still wanted to keep it off the floor like my other coop so I raised the base of it 16", which also gives the chickens a little shelter from the elements.
Carpentry "alfresco" in between showers
Building something like this always takes longer than you think it will, but by the end of today I managed to get it all clad, I would of had it stained as well if the heavens hadn't opened.
The coop clad in shiplap ready for a coat of stain (and a roof)

The nest box

Perches - I think I'll add another yet
All I need to do now is stain the wood and add the roof, hopefully the chickens should be in this by the start of next week. I love making a new chicken coop and I'm already planning my next one - A large ark for some more silkies!
The next little project will be an honesty box to start sellign some of the millions of eggs we seem to have at the moment. Does anyone else use an honesty box and are people honest when they take eggs or produce from it?


  1. That coop is wonderful! I wish I could build things, what a great skill. :) You really should make a business out of it, I would certainly buy a coop like that from you. If I didn't live 3000 miles away, of course. :)

    1. Thank you, but there are too many people out there trying to sell coops and the cheapest is always the one that sells, I couldn't compeat as I use much thicker wood so it will last longer. I'll just stick to building houses for people at the moment!

  2. Great design. I've been planning to get hens for a couple of years, but me being me, won't buy something I know hubbie can build for less; the problem is, there are so many projects on our property he hasn't got around to it. I like the idea of being able to move them around, make sure you post pics of the finished product.

    1. Time is always the killer. I have a list of jobs so long I've given up on making lists! We've been a hear just over a year now and I seem to be getting a lot of jobs done but then there's always more just round the corner.

  3. You should make the coops and sell them Kev. What poultry friendly wood preservative do you recommend?

    1. Water based anything is pretty safe, although not much good at protecting the wood! As for selling coops there's far too much competition!

  4. Replies
    1. Tell me about it. I wonder what the neighbours think when I trundle down the garden in the dark to move chickens, or dig holes or take down sheds!


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