Thursday 14 March 2013

Practicing Whip And Tongue Grafting

I'm sorry if this blog has become "apple heavy" of late but as you can probably tell I'm a little obsessed!
Last night I went out and cut some willow branches to practise cutting my whip and tongue grafts in front of the fire. Adding the tongue on these grafts makes it hold together by itself and will make tieing them much easier on the real thing. After a few cuts I really felt I had the feel for it and they were matching up quite well.
Some practise grafts
Cutting the first cut (about and inch and a quarter long)

Adding a tongue to the cut (this was something we didn't do on "the course"). Careful when cutting towards yourself though!

Checking that they match up, making a relatively straight graft. You can just see the tongues meshing into each other.

The graft holding together on it's own due to the tongue.
My root stock delivery has been delayed due to the cold weather, but I don't think this is a bad thing as it gives me time to collect more scions and prepare a nursery bed for them in the veg garden. Anyone else starting any learning projects at the moment?


  1. How clever is that and so neat! I will have to remember that when I have a go at grafting later in the year!

    1. Yeah try it, its a good and cheap way to make some new trees!

  2. Definitely saving this for future reference. My Lovely Hubby is itching to have a go at some of his own grafting.

    1. Don't delay, the soon you plant an apple tree the sooner you'll have something from it!

  3. This is probably the clearest thing I have seen so far on cutting! I pinned it so I can reference again.


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