Friday 16 January 2015

Blogging Seed Swap

I want your seeds!

One of my aims for this growing year is to save more seed. I was going to do it more last year but through a mixture of my own disorganisation, poor planning and a mouse eating all my sweet pepper seeds, I didn't quite manage what I hoped.
I have managed to save some though, so I'll offer up some Cherry Bomb and Cucamelon seeds to anyone that wants to swap with me, I also have plenty of fennel as it grows like crazy here.

Cherry bomb
This is a really mild chilli pepper and more like a sweet pepper in some respects, it has the tiniest amount of heat to it. I grew it with the pure intention of trying to copy a very popular sweet pickled pepper that we buy from the shops and with a little help I completely nailed it. A nice little chilli to grow that doesn't take up much space, not much good to adding heat to a meal though so I'd grow others as well.

My girls loved these last year and I know that many of you were interested in growing these. They taste like a crispy cucumber with a hint of lime and great as a snack and I'd imagine they'd pickle really well. I haven't got huge numbers of seeds but a few should be enough to get you growing, once you've grown them once you can save the little tubers they produce underground and grow from these the next year as well (I'll do a post on that another time).
They're a thin climbing vine and grow like mad but don't take up too much space. I had them growing in the greenhouse and had three to 12" pot and they coped fine (I do feed quite a bit though). 
If you want some let me know by email it's kevalviti at hotmail dot com (I won't keep this email up too long). 
Sorry I've not got more to offer! 
If you have something to swap then that's great, if not then just send me an SAE and I'll send you some anyway!


  1. I would love some cucamelon if you have any spare? I'll have to check but, I think I have some sweet pepper seeds, free from one of the gardening mags.
    I thought of you yesterday, bought a book from Oxfam called, 'Forgotten Fruits, the stories behind Britain's traditional fruit and vegetables', by Christopher Stocks. I'm sure you'd love it!
    Off to check for those seeds.

  2. I will check through this weekend to see if I have ought to offer in return for some of those 'Cherry Bombs"

  3. We can try maybe they will make it through, I can send you several types of tomatoes that are pretty awesome in my thinking that I grow every year, in exchange for a few of the Cucamelons. I have a white cherry tomato that is sweet as sugar I bet your girls would like. I rarely make it in the house with them as I can't stop eating them when I am in the garden LOL. I have a eggyolk tomato I grow every year its just like it sounds about the size and color of a egg yolk it makes like ninety. I have several other tomatoes as well that I grow every year for canning etc. I bought some Cucamelons seeds I thought LOL. But what I actually bought are a gherkins something. they are about the size of your Cucamelons but they are not smooth like yours are. I bought a cherry pepper that is suppose to be sweet so have that covered :O). I plan to pickle those babies as well! I hope they do good!

  4. I have heritage "Lazy Housewife" beans, Crown Prince Winter squash seeds. I also have some tall Snap Dragon seed and some Asparagus Pea seed.
    I would like to swap whatever you are interested in for the Cherry Bomb seed

  5. Send me some emails guys and we'll get swapping.

  6. I'd like to join in but I know you can't send them to me in Australia (plus your seeds are probably not suited to my climate!), I hope you have a fun swap!

    1. These would probably do well in your climate as I grew both in the greenhouse last year. No chance with your rules though. They are there for a good reason!


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