Monday, 31 August 2015

Fat Baby Achocha

Lots and lots of veg is ready at the moment. We had a massive dinner last night with lots of veg from the garden but there's lots of unusual stuff coming ready now as well. 
These Fat Baby Achocha's are just ready now in the greenhouse (with more nearly ready outside). They're a weird veg covered in little spines, but they're soft to the touch.

When you eat them they taste a little like a cucumber and I've read that you can cook and use them like a green pepper, although I'm yet to try that. They grow really well, and although they've taken a little bit of time to start fruiting I think a bit of that is down to the year we're having. They grow much like a cucamelon with a thin climbing vine that spreads everywhere given half a chance. 
The girls seem to like them and my youngest, who is just getting good at stringing words together to make sentences said:  "Good... With biscuit." when she tried one. I think I'll keep it firmly in the savoury camp for now! 
Who else has eaten this unusual veg? Does anyone have any tips for using it?


  1. I've got a giant achocha growing for the first time this year. Its smooth skinned and i've only had one premature fruit grow on the plant not getting bigger than an inch and a half for 3 weeks. The plant has taken over a lot of the greenhouse, its way bigger than my tomato plants. I just hope I get some fruit off it before the frosts.

  2. Never seen one, must be another strange one from the creator of the Jackalope.

  3. Never heard of it. maybe you could lightly cook it with peas? a little wine and a little bacon? I love peas and lettuce cooked french style. gorgeous.

  4. I haven't seen them here but I would like to have them especially if bugs don't bother them.

  5. Well thats something different, its good that your girls are prepared to try something new and very different looking :-)

  6. That is a new one to me Kev! Sounds like its a good one though.


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