Tuesday 25 August 2015

Reverend W Wilkes

We're starting to get some apples and other fruit ready in the orchard and cordons.
Mum brought over a big bag of discovery apples but a few cookers are ready as well. Warmers King is normally the first we eat but this year we've also got some Reverend W Wilkes from my line of cordons. 

IIt's a slightly acidic cooking apple that is ready to use when it's slightly premature.  This one lifted off the tree with only the slightest bit of weight behind it. Like all early apples it won't keep,  but I've got plenty for that purpose, having an apple ready at the same time as the blackberries has it's advantages.
Its a spur bearer and slow grower, so perfect for a cordon if you're limited on space.

What early cooking apples do you have growing?


  1. I have a fat and exuberant Bramley, trained, sort off. No fruit for 2 years but after some proper pruning, might get some flowers next year.

  2. I've just started picking Grenadier cookers. Next will be the Charles Ross and usually Bramleys last, but they look to be a bit early this year, so will have to keep an eye on them.
    Re eaters, the Sunset and George Cave are nearly ready.

  3. I have no idea what our apple tree in the garden is I think they are eaters, the ones I planted I took the fruit off as its there first year, and what was that apple tree you told me was good at height :-)

  4. I don't have any cooking apples on the small allotment that I tend but there is room for some cordon trees so I think I may invest in some of the Reverend W Wilkes Kev....thanks for the heads up.

  5. Your apple is lovely. my fruit was riddled with bugs so bad this year.. but next year I hope to be able to do some organic prevention. With all the flooding rains this year it wasn't something that worked out... My pears I did get some!! For some reason the bugs don't bother them like they did my peaches, plums, nectarines.

  6. Our favorite early apple is Yellow Transparent. It is ready here (Iowa USA) in late June. Not a keeper, but perfect for sauce and pies.

  7. We have two eaters and one cooker, unfortunately I don't the names of any of them as they were here when we bought the house, and when the previous owners bought it.

    Unfortunately, once again we are not getting a very good crop, quite a bit of rot and most are marked on the outside although not inside. We intend to give the trees a good hard prune this year and take down the dead one, at least we will get lots of lovely applewood to burn and it smells gorgeous, although it doesn't give off much heat.


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