Wednesday 23 September 2015

Camera Troubles - What Compact Do You Have?

Sorry I've not been posting as much lately. I'm finding it really hard since my little compact camera died.
I've got three different ways of taking a  picture, either with my phone, which is rubbish quality (an Iphone wouldn't last five minutes with me), with my SLR, which is great quality but too big to keep on me at all times, or with my compact camera, which I normally keep in my pocket.
The compact camera has to put up with a lot of abuse, I take it everywhere with me, and I take around 500+ photo's a month (much to my families annoyance!) but a few weeks ago it gave up the ghost and went the same way as my previous one, the lens stopped coming out and it would bleep in defiance at me. 
I've gotten through two Panasonic Lumix cameras in the last six years or so but I still think they're a good camera for what they have to endure, they take good pictures with a wide(ish) lens and the batteries last a long time.
 I think I'll buy second-hand this time as I'm not bothered if I have the latest model or not, but I was wondering what other people used and how you rate them for the type of abuse I subject my things to?


  1. My little point and shoot is very old, it is a Praktica DCZ520 and was around the top of the range when new. I have been humming and hahing over replacing it with something better for ages now. While it carries on I will just do more research. It gets stuffed into pockets, thrown into various bags and goes most places that I do.

  2. You can get a shockproof workman case for your mobile phone Kev on Ebay.

  3. Fujifilm. All the way Kev :) those little buggers last forever! They are user friendly, hard working an you get a lot of decent features. my memory card reader died recently and I have to use a cheap compact until i gt a new one and the quality is no where near the same

  4. Before I acquired (2nd hand) my Panasonic DCM FZ200 all my pictures were taken with a Fujifilm F72 EXR. It's a tough little bugger and has the marks to show for the abuse but it's still going strong and stays in my pocket when walking. I love the Panasonic but I'm always wary of damaging it.

    1. they're great little workhorses, fujifilms aren't they? :)

  5. I have a large fujifilm that is now held together with wire but I lug it around as the small ones just don't live long in the high dust environment and being knocked around. I have to keep the large one in a case so it survives.

  6. I love my Lumix LX-7. It has 4 modes, full program auto, full manual, aperture priority, and shutter speed priority. And will shoot in 100% darkness without a flash as you can set the ASA to 12000.

  7. I have a little sony cybershot, lives in my pocket it does video as well always handy, it has been knocked banged dropped got wet and still works fine, I looked at a new one then decided against it as this one does what I want :-)

  8. Mine's a small Fujifilm AX200. It's bloody marvellous and cost a staggering €70. I've even dropped it twice onto hard surfaces, and it still performs perfectly.

  9. My Canon Ixus was a gift and I just love it. Takes good photos (I just point and shoot and hope for the best). It has stood up to being carted around although I do keep it in a soft case.

  10. I mainly use a hugeish DSLR Nikon D90. but most of my snaps for the blog are on a Panasonic lumix with a leica lens. cant get a better lens

  11. Kev would you please thank your Mum for the information on
    Salvia Viridus, way back in July , I was especially pleased to see it is a good cut flower.

  12. Another vote for Canon Ixus Kev...

  13. I have gone through a casio, a kodak, and am on a inexpensive Nikon now. Seems every couple years they bite the dust. The Kodak still works but the flash won't work on it. The casio just died one day LOL... The Nikon seems good enough but I actually think I liked the Kodak a bit more for ease of use. I picked the Nikon up on Black Friday Special Walmart sale last Christmas on a whim as it was such a good price. Was glad I did when my Kodak flash died this last year.

  14. Having dropped my Pentax Optio L1100... and smashed the telescoping lens...
    I now have a Pentax WG-2... 5x zoom, all internal no telescoping bits....
    shockproof to 2m drop on concrete...
    waterproof to 10m....
    crushproof if a car drives over it....
    and coldproof to -40 Centipedes...
    not that I would be using it at that temperature!!
    HD video... including 60fps for slowed motion...
    16 megapixels... uses SD cards....
    has all the normal functions plus a range of extra "effects"...
    as well as a microscope function...
    excellent for really interesting "guess what this is" close-ups....
    and serious identification work.

    A local "remaindered" shop was selling Lowepro D-Wraps at a silly price... 3€s... so I got one to protect the WG-2... there is no actual lens cap... a fab idea... for a fab camera!
    Wouldn't be without either!

    Nor my Pentax Papillo binos which focus to 50cm....
    they are like carrying a stereo microscope around with you...
    but don't let your two youngsters get hold of them should you buy a pair....
    you'll never get them back!!


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