Sunday 27 March 2016

Ready for the Sheep - Well Kind Of...

Well the field is ready for the sheep. I've fenced off the daffodils and a strip at the bottom of the field to leave a bit of fresh grass for once they've lambed.  
First fence in to protect the daffodils 
 I've not got much grass anywhere so it's going to be a bit of a juggling act until the grass starts growing again. I've been lucky to over winter them at my fathers, otherwise I'd be in real trouble about now! 
Second line of fence to leave a good patch of grass so that the new lambs have somewhere to go.
 We've been feeding them a mix of oats, barley and a little wheat to keep their condition and get them ready for lambing. They seem pretty keen to come to the bucket - I'll post a video of some hungry sheep another time! 
Sheep HQ 
My base of operations for the next few weeks will be the back of a stock box I've borrowed off my dad. Inside it I've got the corn for feed, some hay and straw and I'll add my "sheep bucket" later (the sheep bucket contains all my bits to look after the animals like dagging shears and things like that). I've also got the use of the small barn, in the rented field, for any problem animals or new borns when it comes to it, other than that most things will be happening outside.


  1. Another few days and we will be having lambs here too. I will lock the ewes in the barn though the day before the earliest due date and feed inside until all lambs are born. I already have one that was acting almost like she had grass tetany tonight though but the vet thinks it maybe pregnancy anemia so she is isolated and being treated.

    I really dislike lambing season to be honest.

  2. A busy time of year. There are very few sheep around here; I rather miss seeing lambs around.

  3. Hope everything goes well. Our lambs are growing at a pace now, which is a shame because there is nothing like a bunch of very young lambs running around in the full enjoyment of life! Your girls are going to love the experience!

  4. Fingers crossed for you, with April so close your grass should start growing and providing for all your sheep.

  5. Sounds as though you're as ready as you can be. That's got to be a good feeling.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your lambs arrive safely, good luck with it all :-)


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