Saturday 12 March 2016

Rough Hands

Just before bedtime, sat on the sofa my eldest daughter was playing with my hands, she stops looks at me and asks:
"Why aren't your hands like mine daddy?"
"What do you mean sweetheart?"
"Smooth and clean"

I'm proud of every scar, callus and cut on my hands, each tells a story! 


  1. hard working hands that is what they are

  2. its the price we pay to earn a living

  3. My father's hands are one of my dearest memories. Do try to take care of yours tho since I have had several skin cancer procedures on mine--not fun. If they have "Bag Balm" or "Corn Huskers Lotion" both are good for we small holders.

  4. When I have to go to town and shake hands with some guy it often feels like a girl hand. I got to where I started wearing gloves when working with wood as I get splinters at least with some varieties of fire wood. I cut up a white oak last year and it is a lot worse than most for some reason, could just be that tree. My wife asks how I cut my hand and usually I can't remember.

  5. 2 words, Hard Work! I'm sure you had smooth clean hands too before the world got stuck in to you Kev (probably not clean thought lol)


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