Thursday 21 April 2016

Whilst I Was Off On A Jolly...

My wife posted this picture on Facebook yesterday with a caption about being left to deal with the sheep whilst I was off on a jolly (more on that tomorrow but I had an amazing day learning about market gardening)! 
The ewe in the picture had had two lambs (luckily no assistance needed) and my wife dealt with them and checked the sheep for me throughout the day, as well as feeding them in the afternoon. All with three children in tow!
She even sprayed the lambs bellies whilst carrying Alistair! 
 She even goes on to beat that today when doing her checks (I'm still having to go to work at this time so she's doing a few checks in the day for me whilst we wait for the last ones to lamb) she notices that the new mother had only one lamb with her, she found the other by the brook, cold and shivering. So I came home (luckily I was only working in the next village) and got her into a bonding pen with both lambs (the ewe not my wife), this was after about half an hour running round a field swearing and wanting to throw my crook at it. 
She was not keen on her second lamb and promptly set to try and kill it, the lamb was in desperate need of a drink so rather than mess around I rolled the ewe over and let him have his fill before putting her in an adopter pen, where hopefully he'll pick up her sent and she'll accept him over time. 
I'm sure that if my wife hadn't been really observant and spotted it when she did then the lamb would have passed the point of no return shortly afterwards. It's amazing how much she's learning about sheep and the things that she tells me she's seen on her checks. 
I'm always very aware that I've pushed my wife into this lifestyle, but it makes me very happy to see how well she adapts to it (whether she wants to or not!). 
I'm a very lucky man!


  1. well done I hope you reward your wife with a treat for being so vigilant :-)

  2. way to go for your wife! women...we sure know how to take care of everything!

  3. I often think like that when I see families out cycling. I'm always certain that the husband is the keen cyclist, and the others are forced to follow suit. Well done Mrs A.

  4. Your wife is showing you just how much she loves you, it is hard when the lifestyle is yours more than your partner, I would love your lifestyle my hubby would hate it.

    1. You got a good woman there. She'd fit right in here in Appalachia, where the ladies have to be moms, wives, homemakers, and able to handle the crisis of the day.

  5. Sounds like you are a blessed man!
    A good wife is a treasure, I tell my husband that!
    Even though we have no sheep!

  6. I remember you asking if we had suggestions for things you could make from all your off-cuts. I have just seen a very simple Auctioneers Gavel sold for £90 at an auction on TV. You could go into serious production!


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