Wednesday 8 June 2016

A Carpenter's Breakfast

My youngest daughter is a little monkey at eating breakfast at the moment but we seem to have found something that works. 
She normally pinches some of my breakfast anyway, sat on my knee, and she's a little bit obsessed about becoming a carpenter at the moment, so we've started calling muesli a "carpenters breakfast".
This really makes her want some of her own as she thinks she's a little carpenter anyway and need the fuel to be one as well.
She already claims any tool catalogue that comes through the post as "ours" and will quite happily sit on me knee as we look through them. Not every two year old girl wants to sit and read tool catalogues!

She also wants a beard like daddy as well but we're hoping she grows out of that one...


  1. Oh, she's absolutely PRECIOUS! Such a sweetheart to want to be just like her Daddy :)

  2. Kev - it just shows how well you and your wife are raising your children. you are both doing an amazing job and that little carpenter is beautiful!

    sending love. your friend,

  3. haha..she wants a beard. wait until she gets one and has to deal with tweezers! so cute!

  4. I renamed lots of food to get my kids to eat it. Cute that she likes tools and wants a beard.

  5. What a pretty little girl. We used to do all sorts of strange thing to get our kids to eat, luckily they soon got over any fads. Go on; let her have the beard!

  6. Yes, and do let her start doing a bit of carpentry as well, she'll be well qualified by the time she's ready to go out to work!

  7. firstly, love the new header.

    and 2nd, how cute is she. you could say its saw dust

  8. There's nothing wrong with being a lady carpenter, and maybe some real advantages! But the beard? As you say, hopefully that desire will go by the wayside quickly. (But what a tribute to her daddy to want to be so much like him!)

    Yes, I like the new header also.

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