Saturday 25 June 2016


I've woke up yesterday to know that I'm bringing my children up in a world with less unity. 

It's not even about the market crashes and recession that's going to follow. It's the selfishness of the act.
When people talk about making "Briton great again" I think they often forget how many people and nations we hurt to do that and how only a rich few benefitted from it at the time.

I guess time will tell on this decision but I can't help feeling that even in the unlikely situation that Britain is better off, the world as a whole is not.

Although I'm disappointed with the result I still have respect for anyone that voted, it's always a shame that more people dont vote. 

But we live in a democracy and the people have spoken, now we just have to make the best of it, Continue to work hard, and do well.


  1. Sigh making Britain great again is not about reinventing the empire. It is about the democratic accountability of our leaders and of the ability for you me and every voter to be able to lobby directly your parliamentary representative.
    It is about trade and the people deciding who they can trade with no some protectionist racket that benefits just the elite and big business. TTIP will be passed in Europe causing untold damage yet you will not know the ramifications of it until it is passed into law. Not even your MEP can view it.
    Our stock market dropped initially but by the end of the day it was just a couple of percent down. Europe in contrast was down between 7 and 15 percent. Yes the pound dropped a few cents but so did the Euro. The markets and financiers see a weakness but it is in Europe . They understand that the over regulated market with its single currency draining the life out of the weaker nations has had one of its major props removed and is ripe for plucking. The fall of the Euro will see Spain, Portugal and Greece able to devalue their own currency, set interest rates accordingly and recover. Italy has major problems too and now France is clamouring for a vote.
    The economy facing the biggest challenge is Germany. It's products are only made affordable by the artificially low euro. Should the weaker nations leave or they return to the Mark then it will cripple their economy.
    After for unity I think the headlines in Germany and French newspapers as well as the remarks by Juniper demonstrate that unity was just a facade.

    1. I agree with all you've said. I think there will be some tougher times a head for some but it will hopefully make us stronger in the long term.
      TTIP was the only thing I was really scared of, when America said we'd be bottom of the pile for trade I laughed as that deal is the beginning of the end for the nhs.
      Like I said I'm positive about the future but I think it's begining of the end of the eu and the world as a whole might suffer.

  2. You did the same to us when you joined the union. We went through massive pain as a result but long term it has proved to be a good thing as we are no longer dependant and have set our own course.
    viv in nz

  3. I've little doubt it'll be good for us in the long term, my concern is who if hurts in the short term. With things like this its the poorest in our society that will suffer, our life here won't change at all either way.
    The decision has been made, and in my head I'm comparing it to someone leaving a job with good benefits to go self employed. It might start off hard but it could be great in the long term.

    1. -good analogy. May the UK come through this period of transition with the least amount of bumps and bruises!

  4. From this side of the pond, it appeared to be a referendum on terrorism and muslim immigration. I can well understand why the vote went the way it did.

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  6. I hear tell that birds that have been caged all their lives refuse to leave the cage even if you leave the door open. The EU has done more damage than good. First it was Brexit to be soon followed by Grexit, Departugal, Frukoff, Czeckout, Slovakoout, Latervia, Spadios, Italeave and Luxenbyebye. Its all good. EU needs UK more than UK needs EU. 150 million $ a week the UK pumps in to the EU, For what? so some unellected hack living high on the hog with mansions in Marseilles and Cannes can tell them what they have to do and what the can buy or sell? Brexit is a good thing, don't sweat it Kev. Pat Condel explains it so much better than I ever could.

  7. Sorry lots of spelling mistakes. Commenting from a phone.

    In short I said, we were forced into recession in 2008, it is going to be very much like that. Uncertainty for a bit. Then it will be better, then on October it will be uncertain again. By April 2017 hopefully they will have the framework to leave.

    We are going to monitor oil prices and fill the heating system when it is at its best price. We will continue to buy British as much as we can. The more we can the better. If we holiday this year, we will holiday in the UK.

    Build up reserve money, stay out of debt.

    Its the best I can think of at the moment.

  8. Kev, did you see all the pictures of the people carrying signs that had been preprinted? They were the EU flag and at the bottom was a statement that said "I am not British, I am a European." What can I say? I'm not a one worlder.


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