Thursday 30 June 2016

Precast Concrete Shed Plans

Another one from the woodworker this week - Some plans for a making a precast concrete shed from scratch! No a basic level of woodworking that's for sure! 

How do you think you'd get on building it and all the formers? I'm a carpenter and I think it looks like hard work! 


  1. Martin is making a concrete base in what is to be his workshop, he has made some shuttering at one end that is being filled with concrete I suppose it is a sort of former, two sides filed with concrete, this will be the base of the wall dividing the workshop from the log store, I must say it all seems a lot of work but needs must as the floor needs to be brought up in height :-)

  2. It is a lot of work but like you said necessary for some things. I'm going to shutter a slab on the patio so we can have a cupboard under it (a big random I know) and I'm not sure whether to shutter the steps up to the patio or to build them in block. Trouble is it'll use a couple of hundred blocks and a day to lay them, but the shuttering will use my time which I don't seem to have!

  3. Those old woodworking/ handyman books are excellent, we have a few. One day you may not be able to nip along to B&Q and it will be back to such things. One of my favourites is the pattern for a wooden wheelbarrow.

  4. seems like a lot of concrete to mix... that's the part I would not care for.

  5. I just love those old fashioned DIY magazines. In more modern times I think you'd find this a doddle Kev:


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